Serviceable sentences, 32/10,000

Self-publishing in any event bespeaks a certain arrogance, but unfortunately this world so discourages most human effort that without arrogance very little would ever get done, and certainly nothing out of the ordinary.
—John Pistelli, “Literary Fiction: To Self-Publish or Not?” (27 June 2017)

(Cf. the announcement for Mr. Pistelli’s new book, Ashes and Portraitshere. Regardless of the reading experience—and I assume it will be good, gentle reader, for my copy is ordered & on the way—the above is the proper perspective on the disintermediation of the publishing industry: admire the effort, fear not the flood. With the unmuting of a sea of inglorious Miltons, our only negation need be looking away. But this one you might want to look into.)


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