Serviceable sentences, 18/10,000

To recur to a theme running perhaps too insistently through my recent reviews, it [“allowing others their inner life, the space to cultivate their selves”] may even be a more reliable ethic than the contemporary literati’s equally insistent appeals to empathy, which tend to imply everybody’s right to everybody else’s affectional innards through the medium of feeling—a right easily twisted by the powerful into imperial dominion over others, including the right to bombard or poison them, in the name of alleviating whatever real or imputed suffering the empath presumes to share with them.
—John Pistelli, “[Review]” (8 March 2017) of 100%, by Paul Pope (2005)

(Mr. Pistelli is one of the happy few who can be counted on for good sentences & “initiative, spermatic, prophesying man-making words.” What more can you ask for? Take that as the highest possible recommendation.)


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